Nascent Research and Development Organization (NRDO) implemented the project on adolescent perception of healthy relationships (APHR). NRDO with support from the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) Of Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, and financial aid from Oak Foundation, contracted the Centre for Research and Development (CEREDEV) to carry out the said project.

Under the project, 24 in-school and 8 out of school adolescent boys and girls were trained, deployed, supervised, and supported as peer researchers to collect quantitative and qualitative data. The study was divided into three phases.

Phase 1

The 32 peer researchers successfully interviewed 737 in-school and 190 out of schoolboys and girls with semi-coded questioners covering adolescent’s demographic, personal, and home backgrounds; understanding of relationships at home, community and social media spaces, personal experiences and sexual pleasures as well as the effects of counseling if any.

Phase 2

The peer researchers and their supervisors interviewed and organized group discussions with adolescent boys and girls, teachers, community, and religious leaders. They assisted their peers in writing essays covering personal relationships, life histories, photo narratives, creative drawings, and relationship strength assessments.

The results of the study in phase 1 and 2 were disseminated through various tools, including announcements, public notice boards and posters, planned discussions in youth group meetings in and out of schools, holding talking compounds, in and out of school drama, games, sports, and healthy relationships movies as well as social media.

Phase 3

NRDO through CEREDEV is organizing empowered, trained, and mentored 10-18 years old in and out of school, male and female adolescent peer researchers to engage with policymakers, CSOs, educationists, government leaders, and program options and strategies for strengthening adolescent and society relationships.