The community of practice (COP) is a project implemented by Nascent Research and Development Organization in Uganda. The above project is a part of a larger project: SET-Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR). SET-SRHR is a four-year project that is being implemented by a consortium led by the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus Rotterdam (ISS-EUR) in collaboration with Rutgers in the Netherlands, Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development (NTISD) and with the Makerere University of Public Health (MAKSPH) in Uganda as the lead.

COP, also referred to as ‘Utafiti na Kutenda’ is established at the national and sub-national levels and it aims at contributing towards the achievement of a sustainable demographic and human capital development, including addressing the challenges of socio-economic inclusiveness in Iganga and Kawempe Uganda. To achieve this, Nascent RDO employed research and practice evidence to inform and influence SRHR policy and program uptake in Uganda.

Objectives of COP

  1. Enable 80 influencers to facilitate community dialogues on sexual and reproductive health for mothers and adolescents. These influencers were trained to be critically reflexive practitioners with skills to influence community-driven practice in the norm changing process for improved maternal and adolescent health. This would ensure that the community takes collective action to address young children’s early learning needs and violence against children and women.
  2. To enhance the skills and knowledge of SRHR influencers to address SRHR challenges facing mothers and adolescents in Kawempe and Iganga.
  3. To enhance the capacity of 40 trained influencers in implementing sustainable SRHR change-making projects.