This is a project that aims to change the common occurrence of coffee processing being labour intensive in the country of origin but with low returns for farmers and leaving little value behind in terms of profits and jobs. Moyee, Fairchain Foundation and Fairchain companies (Moyee/FC) aim to ensure that farmers are paid decent income and more value of the coffee supply chain remains in the country of origin and create jobs.

In Kenya, Moyee/FC has partnered with Nascent RDO and Woord en Daad & Hope for Justice (HfJ) in Ethiopia to carry out further Local Impact Research to identify potentially vulnerable groups and other parties and stakeholders involved and analyze the situation of child labour in the coffee sourcing areas of Moyee/FC in Kenya and Ethiopia. This includes a stakeholder analysis to assess the potential engagement and roles of various companies, organizations, and authorities in preventing and combatting child labour.

The study will be carried out in Kericho County in Kenya, while in Ethiopia it will be done in Limmu and Mizan areas.